Bendik Torvin

Digiplayer Audio Book System
Lydbokforlaget / Kibano

Digital audio book system, patented design of storage media, media player and UI.
The Digispiller and the Digikort (Digiplayer and Digicard) form the new audiobook system just released in Norway. Each book is embedded on a chip in a card slightly smaller than a credit card. The card connects to the player by magnetic force and unites the two parts elegantly. The book card is released by pressing the card in one corner.
The design allows for large book graphics on the cards.  The system is super easy to use for all users.
A hard-button user interface enables the user to play books without using the additional screen based interface therefore making it ideal for people with reduced eyesight.

Design Lead, invention and specification of patented data storage type, concept design, new magnetic data storage card, CMD, GUI, physical interaction, ID detailing for production, user manual design, packaging design, packaging graphics art direction.
Co-designed with Pål Espensen.

Successful on the Norwegian market providing a user friendly, pc-independent platform for audio books.